11 Dec 2023

Traditional Marketing vs Digital marketing

We all know that the marketing trends in today’s world are changing at a very fast pace and the market has floated to digital marketing from traditional marketing. Businesses shifted to digital platforms for promoting their business as digital marketing platforms like e-commerce websites, google business ads, emails, social media, etc. are used more often and available to the maximum number of the targeted audience. So as opposed to spending marketing efforts and money only on the traditional ways of marketing, the businesses and the brands are moving toward the digital marketing platforms to reach out to the maximum targeted customers and generate more revenue and profit for their business.
It’s easy to reach out to the local audience with traditional marketing techniques while digital marketing lets you reach the target audience globally from all over the world.
Traditional marketing is expensive as it involves printing, and television ads which cost more to the company digital marketing are less costly than the method of the traditional method of marketing as everything is online and the use of social websites does not cost even a penny. Based on the marketing needs the business can opt for paid ads if they want to.



Muhammad Faham

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