A branding Campaign helps you to reach your targeted audience!

The market is turning out to be increasingly competitive, so it’s crucial to build brand awareness, visibility, and customer loyalty. A brand campaign supports these objectives. In addition, branded ads help to arrive at new beneficiaries, and increase sales, and website traffic.

A brand awareness campaign is a kind of search network campaign (i.e. search engine text ads) that leverages your organization’s name as a keyword.

When a user types your organization’s name into the search engine, your business website is displayed among the paid search results as the effect of the campaign.

Brand Protection Against Competition

In some cases, ads can be displayed for keywords related to your competitor’s brand. This may result either from Google’s algorithms (in light of keyword matching) or the black hat SEO practices of your competitors.

When users enter a given expression in the search engine, Google tries to choose the most relevant ads matching the query. The algorithm checks various elements such as the query, the quality, and relevance of specific websites, users’ characteristics, or their current location. Based on this, it selects advertisements matching specific queries.

Considerably Low Costs

Branded ads have a significantly lower cost for each snap than non-branded campaigns. The expense of the whole campaign in most cases constitutes only several percent of the whole monthly budget.

The typical Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is from a few to twelve or so pennies. Some organizations incur costs that amount to a few USD per day. This normally results from high brand recognition, industry competitiveness, or a common brand name.

Increased Visibility

Brand campaigns assist you with expanding your visibility. How? When you optimize the campaign appropriately, your page can be shown in the top positions.

In the event that you join these efforts with SEO (your page is optimized and user-friendly), your brand can genuinely dominate the SERPs – both paid and organic search results. This will assist you to inspire trust among potential customers.


With Google Ads brand campaigns you can frequently accomplish a high return on investment (ROAS) with little financial effort.

This is particularly obvious in the case of recognizable brands and a stable base of loyal customers.

You don’t need to take our assertion for this. These are aftereffects of the brand awareness campaign of one of our clients. Our objective was to increase the reach and display the ads as frequently as possible to a similar audience with a specific monthly budget.

Directing Users to Specific Pages

Apart from the actual ad, Google may likewise display extensions. They divert the user to a particular subpage.

This may be, for example, the contact page, data about the company, blog, or product categories. Advertisements with extensions are selected more frequently than ads without such extensions. Why? Because they outwardly possess a larger area, the user sees what to expect from the website (links extension).

Moreover, you can likewise encourage people to enter the page with your brand’s USP (explanations, information, prices, or promotions extension).

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